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Speedometer Widget

The main function that generates the values serves the purpose of testing and demonstrating the functionality of the speedometer in action. In an actual game, these values would be obtained from the integrated vehicle system.

The speedometer design involves several layers within a material, including a background, needle, and a glass overlay. The digits are incorporated in the widget component.

I developed this as a plugin and implemented it as a component, responsible for creating and controlling the speedometer widget.

In the video, I showcase the visual presentation and provide insights into the underlying code.

Inventory System

An advanced inventory system equipped with a comprehensive set of features. These include the ability to use or consume items, transfer single pieces, whole stacks, or entire inventories, split stacks by half or take individual items, perform mass item drops, enable drag-and-drop functionality, set maximum stack sizes, implement sorting options, and much more.

A demonstration of the inventory system's search functionality, enhancing the ease of locating specific items, can be seen here (YouTube)

Map Gadget

A gadget that displays a map rendered on a render target while the path is being generated by an algorithm.

Dynamic Radial Menu with Folder System

Interactive radial menu with a folder system, offering a dynamic user experience. The functionality extends beyond basic inventory management, encompassing features like item pickup, dropping, and more. Additionally, the system allows for categorizing specific items into designated folders, ensuring seamless organization upon acquisition.

Diablo-ish Health and Mana Balls

A health and mana ball inspired by Diablo, featuring texture-based masking that allows for various shapes beyond the traditional sphere. The showcased video demonstrates extensive customization options, such as color variations, adjustable wave height, dynamic noise movement, glass distortion effects, and more.

Texture Sequence with a Timer

An illustrative example showcasing the process of iterating through an array of textures. While my typical approach involves utilizing the OnPaint and total deltatime method in C++, this particular demonstration uses a timer and blueprint for testing purposes.

Dynamic Radial Menu (Yet Another)

A stylish and customizable menu system designed for intuitive navigation. With its elegant interface, it offers a visually appealing way to access and interact with a range of options. The menu's design and smooth animation enhance the user experience, making it a versatile choice for projects that require a modern and user-friendly menu solution.

Radial menu = Fun!

Level + XP Widget

A widget displaying the current level and experience progression. The experience bar advances through a square movement using linear gradients, and a trigonometric function is utilized to position the marker.

Portal Knights-ish Health Bar

A remake of the health bar from the game Portal Knights.

This is just some of my work. If you would like to see more, check out my YouTube channel here

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